Custom Quality Manufactured Commercial Vehicles

At Workforce By RBD we pride ourselves on custom crafting quality manufactured commercial vehicles with innovative technology and precision engineering. Our high-quality commercial units cater to business with multi-platform applications throughout the United States. We also pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled products to Canada, Mexico, Central America, and Europe.


Z bunk, D Bunk

Living Quarter Housing

Commercial, Energy, Harvester

Sanitation Trailers

Bathroom Units, Shower Units

Studio & Make-up Trailers

Make-Up Units, Star Units, Suite Units

Mobile Command/Office

When You Need To Take Charge Onsite

Mobile Medical & Marketing

Supporting & Growing Your Communities

Custom Options

At Workforce by RBD, we have built various plans and specifications catering to commercial use. We offer applications such as bunkhouses that can sleep 12 or more people to custom doctor and medical units to remote mobile office spaces. We will work with you to design the unit that fulfills your needs.
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For nearly 75 years, the Rush surname has created RVs with a vision for quality and design. The RV trade has been passed down within the family for three generations. Recreation by Design has been family-owned since 1988. Since then, RBD has kept the American Dream mindset in mind for its high-quality construction, and has produced over 10,000 RVs within the thirty years in business.

Since the early prototypes to today’s models, you can see how the family and the dedicated employees have played a lead role in the design and creation process to evolve the style and functionality. Lewis and Virginia Rush started the family business with hard work and dedication during the 1950s. While bringing up a family of 4 children, they conceptualized what the American Dream would look like as a RV and started their business.

Not long after retirement, their only son re-opened the RV business. The knowledge and expertise he gained from his parents helped fuel Recreation by Design’s success. Generations of hard work and dedication have made it what it is today.

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