New Years Resolution

January 4, 2024 

A New Year’s Resolution: Buy a New Commercial Trailer!


Happy new year everyone! What resolutions did you commit yourself to this year: get in shape? Eat healthier? Be kinder to your friends and neighbors? Serve others?


The allure of new year’s resolutions. The time we promise ourselves to do or make grandiose changes in our lives; many of those promises get broken in the first few weeks. Why not make a grandiose resolution that you will follow through on: buy a custom-built trailer?  Sure, why not?


So, arm yourself with grit and determination, ready to battle your inner demons and things that take you down numerous rabbit holes. Speaking of rabbit holes, one must decide what kind of trailer: universal trailer, sleepers, office, kitchen, harvesters, oh my! There are as many options as there are options on a Swiss Army knife! The best place to start is fitting your needs.

Starting a fleet, or adding to your current one, is the best place to start. Do you need to replace a trailer that is out of date? Do you need to add to complement your business as it’s growing exponentially? What types of features do you need.  Need help navigating?

One of the best starting points is to collaborate with a reliable custom trailer manufacturer, who’s invested years developing quality custom products that cater to your industry, or complementary industries. Companies that have sustained long term growth and survivability are usually financially sound that have many designs that can be great idea starters for you. Furthermore, many longstanding, financially sound companies do not require extraordinarily high deposits to get your trailer placed on production calendars.

Still don’t know where to start? Call Recreation by Design. Or visit either of the websites: (the commercial website) or for idea starters. If you prefer, call and talk to a seasoned collaborator to help you with your fleet build plans.





Happy New Year and cheers to you and your resolutions





from your friends at Workforce by RBD


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