Hollywood on the Road: Studio and Make Up Trailers

April 17, 2023    Hollywood Film Making: Remotely

With many studios now filming outside of Hollywood, such as Georgia, Tennessee, and the Carolinas, the evolution of studio and make up trailers are continuing to be an integral part of film industry’s logistics. And, there’s no indication that the film industry will revert back to Hollywood. So, what do you do in terms of studio trailers for the actors? How do you give them “comforts of Hollywood” in a mobile alternative? Let’s dive into that topic


Specialty vehicles and mobile trailers are an essential part of the film industry, providing filmmakers with the flexibility and convenience to shoot on location, no matter how remote or challenging the location (or personnel) may be. These unique vehicles and specialty trailers are designed and equipped to meet many needs of filmmakers, providing everything from dressing rooms, wardrobe and make up stations to camera equipment and lighting. The film crews will be fully equipped to shoot and capture the perfect shots, from scenery to people, all the while saving time, energy and money.


Specialty trailers and vehicles can be customized for most applications. Whether the trailer needs to be built with well-lit multiple hair, make up and or wardrobe stations or luxurious recreation areas with full screen tv’s and fully stocked bars, they reflect the people utilizing them. And, most times, the design of the vehicles is only limited by your imagination.

Finally, some of the advantages of many specialty vehicles and Hollywood studio trailers is the controlled environment. Many trailers are equipped with climate control systems that can regulate temperature and humidity ensuring actors and crew members are comfortable. And, many trailers have the ability to include generators and/or solar equipment, also providing sustainability while allowing remote area filming to occur. Find the trailers and equipment that fit you, your team, your actors and enjoy Hollywood, on the road.








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