Tall Man RV’s Review

October 3, 2023

So, this is a little unusual of a blog for us. Since we don’t have a Vlog and I wanted to share an incredible Youtuber’s channel, I’m sharing it here.

Robert Hyman produces videos on businesses focusing on the RV world and recently he featured Recreation by Design.

Please take a look at his channel, especially the video that share’s our ability to succeed for 3 generations and nearly 40 years. We’re incredibly proud of the committed RBD family who strive everyday to create the perfect trailers that will help sustain or build a community, whether that community is a nuclear family, or a large community serving and servicing others who seek fulfilment. Never stop pursuing and always strive to serve others.

We’re committed to the pursuit of excellence and we couldn’t do it without our worker family, our customers, and supporters like Robert Hyman and the “Tall Man RV’s Review.”


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