Entering The Blogosphere

January 5 2023     Elkhart, Indiana—Entering The Blogosphere


We’ve done it. We’ve entered the the world of Blogging.

The internet has transformed the way we communicate and share information with people. With over 4 billion users connecting to the digital world, businesses have begun to utilize the vast opportunities and benefits the internet has to offer. With more and more potential customers searching for products and services online, the competition has become more brutal as businesses try to stay on top of the game.  So, blogging has become one way to get company messages out to the their customers, to the marketplace, to the world.





Yes, we accept it drives traffic to our website. More importantly, we hope our blogs provide insight on travel trailers, focusing on disaster recovery, film, sanitation, and lodging industries.


Part of our posts will include news about our trailers, industry and technology. We have several units that are coming off line that will expand our industry niches. And, we hope you find them interesting enough to reach out to learn more about them, the respective industries we serve and our company.




We’ll have more to come in future posts. Thanks for reading this one and we’ll see you down the road. Stay well. Stay Safe.

Recreation by Design, a third-generation family run business, nestled next to a railroad yard in Elkhart County, has withstood economic challenges since it opened in 1980. Part of the success strategy has been the ability to quickly adapt, responding to what the consumers are demanding.


For more information about RBD and its keys to success despite economic challenges, contact, Bob Earley at 574.971.2451; [email protected].

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