Labor Day in the U.S.

September 4, 2023 Labor Day: Its roots and how we celebrate 


Every year in the United States and Canada, we celebrate Labor Day on the First Monday of September. But, what does it really mean and how do we honor and celebrate?


Labor Day has its roots in the late 19th century and the labor conditions at that time. The industrial revolution had led to grueling working conditions, with 12 plus hour workdays, seven days a week and with little to no job security. Labor unions and workers’ rights began to emerge which called for better working conditions and fair wages.


The first Labor Day was organized by the Central Labor Union of New York in 1882 and it was marked with picnics and parades with the intentions to honor our American work force. Soon after the initial “Day”, several states began to recognized the holiday and President Grover Cleveland made it a federal holiday in 1894 in an effort to mend relations with the labor following the Pullman Strike in Chicago, Illinois that ended in violence and death. This strike was organized and executed by the American Railway Union at the Pullman Factory. (We recommend conducting research on the Pullman strike for a deeper understanding and undertones of the strike, its causes and consequences.)


Today, we celebrate Labor Day in many ways, some of which include shopping to take advantage of the retail offers many merchandisers promote. Other celebrations include back to school (well, maybe it’s only a celebration for parents), picnics, parades, cookouts, and mini vacations. Labor Day also is viewed as the “unofficial” end of summer with pool closings and fall decorations starting to appear everywhere.


Politicians take this weekend for launching political campaigns and promoting agendas that include equal pay, safer workplaces, workers’ rights. Demonstrations and rallies often take place to highlight ongoing labor issues which reconnects us to the origins of the the labor movement and the inaugural Labor Day.

How you celebrate and recognize Labor Day varies. We at Recreation By Design are proud of our work place family as we all strive to create a positive and safe working environment that has allowed many of us to a way to raise a family with fair wages and working conditions.  So, enjoy your Labor Day!



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